*Bangalore: 14-15 October | Mumbai:11-12 November | Pune: 18-19 November |  Delhi: 25-26 November*

Greetings to you.
Vision India welcome's Participation at Retirement* & Good Living Series-AGEING SUMMIT to propagate active ageing & healthy lifestyle trends & opportunities for those in the 50 + years profile and seniors in their silver years.*

We invite your partnership at the ongoing initiative, 6th edition of retirement & good living series. "Celebrating age!" India 2016 - AGEING SUMMIT a block buster event - unlocking opportunities to those in the 50 + age profile and seniors to redesign long life as this will help them to lead an active & healthy lifestyle after retirement. Opportunity for seniors to lead a stress free lifestyle in their silver years.

To redesign long life means appreciating the unique challenges of HEALTHY AGING as well as the great value older people contribute to a society. Health & well-being are determined by the physical and social environments in which we live our lives. Older people and the environments in which they live hold incredible potential for enabling Active & Healthy Ageing. Increasing lifespan means ?"story on long life.

"New research reveals that financial, family, job, health and lifestyle are five factors that play a role in retirement decision: Living is a kind of skill. The calm and wisdom of old age are achieved over time." It is observed people are entering retirement in good health "with far greater wealth than earlier generations ?" they are spending time and money in different ways.

Life expectancy is ballooning just as science and technology is on the cusp of solving many of the practical problems of aging. Retirement ages are of little value now, because if life expectancy goes up 40 years from the time you retire, how are you to fend for yourself for the rest of your life?

With over 110 million people above the age of 60, India is home to the second largest elderly population in the world? Benefit from engaging with the fastest growing demographic profile aged 50 +years and seniors in their silver years. Considering the future, it becomes essential that young and active Indian population while in their 40's and 50's begin planning well in advance to ensure a comfortable and stress-free future.

Join this forum for an outstanding experience. Staying happy, healthy, socially-connected and active can help you age successfully. Ageing well involves investment of time and money and a spirited mind-set that will defeat ageing as a syndrome. *This is a Vision India venture.* (+ 91 9823055525) +91 8698112041).

I believe this Summit will tremendously profit from your presence. A conference such as this is a milestone because India is greying at a very rapid pace. Profile of Exhibitors: Banking, Insurance, Housing for seniors, pension plans, fitness, wellness, care at home, travel &leisure, hygiene & personal care.