Join Us At Nimhans Convention Centre Bangalore On 30th Sept & 1st October To Celebrate International Day Of Older Persons.

Welcome to the 6th edition "Celebrating age!" India 2016, * AGEING SUMMIT *,

a block buster event -unlocking opportunities for the demographic profile aged 50 + and seniors in their silver years. Fun|fitness|future secure towards happiness & longevity is the theme. *Ageing towards an active retirement is the golden opportunity of the silver economy. *This is a Vision India venture.

Ageing Summit is organized to raise awareness on the importance of active & healthy ageing lifestyle trends. Health and well-being are determined by the physical and social environments in which we live our lives. Key environments include home, social relationships, neighbourhoods and communities. Older people and the environments in which they live are diverse, dynamic and changing. They hold incredible potential for enabling or constraining Active & Healthy Ageing.

AGEING SUMMIT is an initiative featuring the entire ecosystem of new age lifestyle trends. *Facts:* With over 110 million people above the age of 60, India is home to the second largest elderly population in the world? Ageing will be the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity. Benefit from engaging with the fastest growing demographic profile aged 50 + and seniors in their silver years.

The aging of the world's population is a mega trend. Healthy ageing encourages and supports an active and healthy lifestyle. Urban Indians now in the 40s will live to 80.Living to be 100 and living healthy until then is a challenge. Retirement ages are of little value now, because if life expectancy goes up 40 years from the time you retire, how are you to fend for yourself for the rest of your life? Increasing lifespan means *reinventing yourself**.*

Living is a kind of skill. The calm and wisdom of old age are achieved over time." it is possible to age gracefully. More importantly, as life expectancy increases, the life skills that come with age can be enjoyed for much longer than people do now. It is observed people are entering retirement in good health -with far greater wealth than earlier generations - they are spending time and money in different ways.

Join this forum for an outstanding experience. Staying happy, healthy, socially-connected and active can help you age successfully. Ageing well is our own ability and capability as this involves investment of time and money and a spirited mindset that will defeat ageing as a syndrome. It becomes absolutely essential that the young and active Indian population begins planning well in advance to ensure a comfortable and stress-free future.

This year our focus is to include large PSU corporations to encourage their employees to benefit from this two day initiative on AGEING. The Summit will discuss centre stage that good health must lie at the core of society's response to population ageing. Ensuring that people, while living longer lives, live healthier lives will result in greater opportunities to seniors, their families and society.

Scientists world over are busy trying to find the elusive elixir of life that can make us disease-free in our golden years. I believe this Summit will tremendously profit from your presence. A conference such as this is a milestone because India is greying at a very rapid pace.

The projected increase in longevity is a cause of celebration. It represents significant improvements in standards of living, lifestyles and the health care systems. *People reaching the normal age of retirement are, in general, healthy and active.* They have a life-time's wisdom and experience and seek a life balanced with leisure. Make the most of life! Adding life to years.

The focus of the event for two days will be on banking, insurance, pension plans , fitness, wellness, care at home services, senior living, nutrition, travel & leisure.,spirituality, hygiene & personal care. We look forward to a great event with your support across India.

A perfect model of elderly life style (AGEING) must therefore, address these problems in their entirety and adequately answer the following questions:-

How to keep fit and prevent incurable diseases in old age ?

What to do and keep satisfyingly busy after retirement

How to have good relations with children and their spouses and neighbours ?

Who will take care if physically or psychologically incapacitated ?

Where to live? With children; and if children do not want to live with us ?

How to finance 25/30 years of post retirement life ?

How to realize the ultimate goal of human birth ?

We look forward to receiving your acceptance and confirmation.